Ronald Jaklitsch holding his mo° sound Porcelain Ball Speaker in hands.

Porcelain: elegant and strong

Whilst the speaker unfolds its full power, the porcelain casing is its calm antipole. Our ball speakers are made from multi-fired hard-paste porcelain. They are seamless and completely homogenous.

Since their production is technically so complex we work only with the best manufactures: Weimar Porzellan in Germany and Augarten in Vienna.

Porcelain has a non-porous structure and a very high density, which makes the material so sturdy and robust whilst allowing for very thin walls compared to other speakers. It is almost vibration-free, so it is not the casing that sounds but the sound source.

What you hear is pure sound. Precice and clean.

Ronald Jaklitsch holding his mo° sound Porcelain Ball Speaker in hand.

The sphere: perfectly structured sound

Sound spreads spherically. Therefore is is only logical that a spherical speaker produces the best sound. When you listen to music with ball speakers , it is like you are immersed in sound. It is a three-dimensional experience.

Without parallel walls, without angles and edges, the soundwaves don’t interfere with each other inside the sphere. Outwardly, they can spread in all directions.

You experience sound that envelopes you. Clear, precise and clean.

Besides, we simply love anything sphere-shaped.

Ball Speakers classic, white, MaiA amplifier, CD-Player and REL Subwoofer all in white.

The best speaker is a ball speaker …

… made from porcelain. The combination of premium materials, sophisticated design, masterful craftsmanship and precise execution is a high-quality broadband speaker that makes music sound the way it is supposed to sound: unagitated, perfect and pure. There is no “trying too hard“. It simply sounds.

Thanks to the minimalist design and the flexible positioning, mo° sound design speakers suit all rooms and tastes. And thanks to plug & play you can combine them with most high-quality sound systems.

Finally the perfect sound. No compromises. Freedom for your ears.

Listen wherever you want

With the porcelain tripod or steel ring wall mount, you can place mo° sound ball speakers anywhere you want.

Plug & Play

mo° sound ball speakers are compatible with almost all high-quality sound systems. If you are unsure if they will get along with your equipment, just get in touch.


mo° sound ball speaker are the only spherical speakers made from porcelain. Learn everything about the technical concept and what makes them so unique.

Quality from Vienna

mo° sound ball speakers are assembled by hand in Vienna and are subject to strict quality controls.

Choose your speaker

  • mo° sound Ball Speaker, classic, white. Full range frequency response, diaphram Alum/Mg broadband speaker. White porcelain housing. Fullrange ballspeaker with neodymium magnet. Bamboo paper fibre and copper phase plug. White Augarten Vienna porcelain° sound Ball Speaker superior, white. Fullrange speaker with neodymium magnet. White porcelain housing.