Spherical Speaker

The sphere: the ideal loudspeaker casing

Sound expands spherically. Therefore, a spherical speaker casing meets all physical requirements of a loudspeaker. And when it is a spherical, high-end broadbandspeaker, the product is simply convincing.

Rounded sound

A sphere has no parallel walls, no angles and edges, so the soundwaves don’t interfere with each other inside the sphere. Therefore, sound is reflected differently, frequency response is calmer, the sound space is wider and three-dimensional. Music is experienced as if present in the room.

ball speaker and sonic waves no interference, schematic representation

Ball speaker

loudspeaker box, wave interference, schematic representation

Angular speaker

A ball speaker has less self-oscillation

Of all existing casing shapes, a shere has the smallest surface area in relation to its volume. If the surface area is smaller, the oscillation is reduced because there simply is less material to vibrate in the first place. It is all about the membrane in the chassis transfering the sound impulses correctly.

loudspeaker box vibrating, schematic representation

Angular speaker

ball loudspeaker less vibrations, schematic representation

Ball speaker

Ideal stereo imaging

Spherical accoustic point sources allow sound to expand in all directions. There are no interfering angles and edges, so the sound is reflected much later. The three-dimensional, cone-shaped space in which sound expands is much wider, so listeners get more of the sound – independent from their position in the room.

Loudspeaker box, angle of reflected waves, loss of direct sound, schematic representation.

Angular speakers

Ball Speaker, angle of reflected waves, direct sound. Schematic representation.

Ball speakers

A sphere is rotationally symmetric. mo° sound ball speakers can be placed freely at any angle so you can choose the position of your accoustic point source exactly where and how you want.

You experience three-dimensional stereo imaging. Clear, clean and precise.

Schematic ball speaker, rotatable due to ball shape.