3D speakers

Porcelain ball loudspeakers have the perfect shape and the ideal material for a pure and calm sound. We think: the best loudspeakers are round.So, download, use and spread the 3D speaker models over the world for free.

A Creative Commons Standard-License agreement applies to these 3D speakers. You may reproduce, distribute and make publicly available these 3D Files for private and commercial purposes free of charge. However, the displayed logo must be left by the mo° sound.

3D Loudspeaker

Autodesk 3ds

3D speaker, speaker box file for Autodesk

Cinema 4D c4d

3D speaker, speaker box for Cinema 4D

Wavefront OBJ .obj

3D speakers, speaker box, 3D models in .obj format


3D speakers, speaker boxes, 3D models in STereoLithography format (created by 3D Systems). For example for Clara.io, CloudCompare und MeshLab.


3D loudspeakers, loudspeaker boxes in VRML format (Virtual Reality Modeling Language).

Photos instead of 3D models?