Full Range Speaker

The perfect accoustic point source

A broadband speaker is a point-shaped sound source that allows sound to form and expand as naturally as possible.

We believe that it creates the most authentic and clear sound for the various frequency ranges. In contrast to conventional 2-way systems with separate driver units, there are no unclear phase shifts.

2 way loudspeaker box, multipath scattering, schematic representation

2 way loudspeaker box

ball speaker, acoustic point source, sweet spot, schematic representation

acoustic point source

We use broadband drivers with membranes of a variety of makes, depending on the model:

polypropylen (mo° sound Ball Speakers Classic Black), a magnesium alloy (mo° sound Ball Speaker Classic White) or bamboo (mo° sound Ball Speakers Superior). All our broadband speaker systems are powered by strong neodymium magnets or ferrite magnets.

At the back there are gilded RCA jacks. This is why all ball speakers come with pre-assembled, high-quality cables with connections for standard screw and tube plugs

Our mo° sound cables are highly flexible stage cables which don’t knot or tangle.

Broadband loudspeakers allow for a truly authentic sound impression.