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mo° sound Ball Speaker, classic, white. Full range frequency response, diaphram Alum/Mg broadband speaker. White porcelain housing.



At last this bulky box can go! mo° sound Ball Speakers Classic are made from multi-fired hard-paste porcelain. Everyone who loves perfect sound and sophisticated forms absolutely loves them. They give you a clear and three-dimensional music experience in a design that liberates the essence of sound.

mo° sound Ball Speakers Classic come in black and white. Regarding sound and execution these two models complement each other like Yin and Yang.

Size: 17,5 cm / 3 inches Chassis

Colours: white, black

Price: from € 899,–

Fullrange ballspeaker with neodymium magnet. Bamboo paper fibre and copper phase plug. White porcelain housing.


super brilliant

The mo° sound reference line for audiophiles and all the luxury lovers out there. Here we combine the hard-paste porcelain casing with a bamboo membrane. This organic and sophisticated alliance sounds warm and velvety. A phase plug ensures that the sound travels linearly and smoothly.

What you hear – and see! – is simply beautiful. Just choose your favourite colour, the quality of each model is exactly the same.

Size: 17,5 cm / 3 inches Chassis

Colours: black, white, platinum, gold

Price: from € 1499,–

Fullrange ballspeaker with neodymium magnet. Bamboo paper fibre and copper phase plug. White Augarten Vienna porcelain housing.


super premium brilliant

Our Ball Speakers Augarten are the result of the elaborate design by mo° sound and the craftsmanship of the Viennese porcelain manufacture Augarten. The speakers are cast seamlessly with the typical Augarten porcelain blend, then fired multiple times and surface finished in the rich white hue for which Augarten is so famous.

Ball Speakers Augarten are literally unique in sound and design and will bring you joyful and sublime listening bliss. Thanks to their size they have plenty of oomph and quite a bit of bass. Their sound, their beauty and their surface feel create a listening experience that makes all your senses happy.

Size: 23 cm / 4 inches Chassis

Colour: the one-of-a-kind “Augarten-white“

Price: from € 3.299,–