About us

mo° sound is the Viennese duo Ronald Jaklitsch and Xiane Kangela.
They share their love of music, their love of their work – and their love of porcelain ball speakers.

Xiane Kangela, portrait


PR, consulting, sales, shipping

Xiane studied political sciences and French, started a fashion label and is a proficient PR and marketing expert.

The passionate communicator, organiser and networker loves connecting creative, innovative and critical minds. This explains how she met Ronald Jaklitsch and his ball speakers and why she was immediately smitten. “I love beautiful, smart and honest products. mo° sound is my passion.“

Ronald Jaklitsch, portrait


CEO, product development and design, go-to-guy for all technical questions

He says about himself, “I am what I am“ and doesn’t like to be pinned down to one area.

He studied automation engineering and applies his knowledge and expertise as product designer, engineer, media designer and audio technician. He adores functional, minimalist design and loves working with unconventional materials. Apart from constructing ball speakers he likes building bicyles best.

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