Das Feedback von Denis Džebić aus Ljubljana / Slovenien über unsere „White ball shaped speakers“ freut uns einfach riesig. Besonderen Dank für die Fotos!

Customer Service:

The only “complain” that I have is that it really took me a lot of time to find it since it’s a newer product (I guess) and you really have to be specific what to write in google search so I was lucky to find it! Hope with time this will improve as I am sure it will bring more satisfied customers.

I am 36 years old and in all my life I haven’t experienced such a great customer service! Since I live in another country I had to communicate via email and occasionally via phone calls. The response time for each of my question was imediate, clear and mostly helfull. I felt that I am not just buying speakers from some manufacturer but that they really cared about my needs and they ware always there for all that I needed.

Since I was trying to add ball speakers to my existing BeoLab 9 system they gave me all technical support on what I need where to buy it and even send me pictures on how to connect the system to work properly – I mean c’mon… Who is gonna do that for a client??!!

To put it in one sentence: This guys really take care of their customers in best possible way I can imagine and I am sure I will be coming back to them with my next purchase!

Ball Speaker (Classic):

I have been searching for white ball shaped speakers for years and finally found it. I am not and audiophile expert but I am listening music 12h per day for 20 years so I have a good ear for the quality of sound regardless the technical specifications. Since I had BeoLab 9 (120 W RMS) I was a bit sceptical about 15 RMS output of this speakers but: this little balls give a great punch along with REL subwoofer! And not just that the speakers are great for any kind of music (classical to techno) and produce really balanced higs/mids/low sound!! Much better than 6.000 € BeoLab 9 !

I am more than satisfied with the sound quality and even more with volume that this speaker can produce. Without any doubt I can say that my next purchase of speakers will be Ball Speaker (Augarten) that seems a bit pricey but having heard what Classic version is capable of… I can only imagine what Augarten version can do and cant wait to hear them!

Designlautsprecher mit Wandmontage
Design Lautsprecher an der Wand montiert

Design LautsprecherRegallautsprecher, von mo° sound: classic ballspeaker / white ball shaped speakers

Fotos: Denis Džebić, 2016